October 9, 2010


I now belong to a new company. Or rather, I belong to my company which now belongs to a new company. My company is no longer part of Elsevier, we were bought by a company based in the UK (their main office is in a former woolen mill in Manchester, but they'd prefer our building because we actually have windows). Looking at the deal, I think we are lucky that the mantra through the whole thing has been "nothing will change", and overall, aside from some things that of course have to change, that has been true. No one was laid off, our salaries and benefits stay the same, our jobs stay the same, our location stays the same. We'll see how things go in practice though. I may have missed my chance to move to Australia via Elsevier, however. If there was the chance to get a job there. I suppose this doesn't stop me from applying for jobs there, or even using my manager to put in a good word for me, but I won't have any intercompany move benefits that there may have been. Unfortunately the new company has no offices in Australia, so there are no possibilities there.