December 16, 2010

The Christmas Season

Looking back at things I wrote a year ago, I was rather Scroogy in most of the lead-up to Christmas. I didn't really want to do Christmas cards, I hated all the shop displays and Christmas songs –- I just wanted to hide until it was all over. I got into things eventually, but this year I haven't had much of a Scrooge period. Ok, I bristled at Sinterklaas and was glad for that to be done with, but for Christmas itself, I've accepted it pretty well.

If you are in more of a grumpy mood though and are fed up with the holidays already, you might appreciate the polls going on over at Tomato Nation, the NC Double Scrooge. There are various divisions per type of Christmas season annoyance, including one solely for all of those horrible, horrible Christmas songs we wish never existed.

Speaking of Christmas songs, there is one listed which people either completely loathe or have never even heard of: The Christmas Shoes. I fall into the latter category and I'm sort of curious to hear just how bad this song is, but I am also afraid that once it's heard, I'll never be able to wipe it from my memory. I really wish I could wipe Wonderful Christmastime from my memory, which I now have in my head just from reading the poll. gah.