October 26, 2008

Birthdays past and present

A year ago I went out in Melbourne with my housemate, Wendy, to do an early celebration of my 30th birthday. It was a brilliant night, thanks mostly to Wendy's outgoing nature and the friendly openness of people in Melbourne. We went into at least 4 bars and chatted with so many people. I got a massage, and had my first Cowboy, a shot of butterscotch Schnapps with Bailey's floated on top (in looking up the shot online, I see that it's actually called a Cocksucking Cowboy, something I don't remember people telling me, or at least not something I noted in my journal). And that was just in the first bar we went to. I had strangers toasting my birthday and people telling me I should go skydiving or deep-sea diving to mark the occasion. We headed home at 3 am, once the bar we were in was starting to close, guided home by a bright full moon.

Once Wendy and I had settled down at our second bar, she gave me an astrological analysis of the relationship issues I had at the time. Say what you will about astrology, it gave me some hope and comfort, which I very much needed.

Wendy also asked me what I envisioned for the next year, and I really had no idea. I couldn't see anything beyond getting off the plane in Amsterdam in February. But now it's a year later, and look where I am. I have my own place that I furnished myself and which I love very much, I live in a beautiful city where I've met many great new people, and work's still going, fueled by my wonderful co-workers. So, to that me of a year ago, I say, "Don't worry. You always worry too much, silly girl."

Thanks to those who made celebrating my 31st birthday memorable. It was good to see everyone, though I'm sorry some of you couldn't make it. There's always next year. =)

October 14, 2008

Dolphins and a hangi

More photos and stories from New Zealand. This time the post is about just one day, but I did a lot that one day, so it's enough. Check it out for the story and my favourite video. Or just the photos, starting here.

October 5, 2008

Portland photos

Ok, so I lied. I went ahead and put my Portland photos online now since there are relatively few compared to the other trips I still have to go through. So the photos are up on Flickr.

I also uploaded a couple of the (many) videos I took of the swifts flying around the school in Portland. First there is one taken when they were just circling around the school, then one of them actually entering the chimney.

October 1, 2008

Awesome and freaky

Yesterday afternoon I was listening to my mp3 player (which has now been loaded back up with music, though not as much is on there yet as before it formatted itself) and I had it playing random songs. It managed to put together two songs from two completely different bands where the first song ended with bird sounds and the next song began with bird sounds. So they pretty seamlessly blended together though they had nothing to do with each other. It reminds of when Sars on Tomato Nation was talking about how the songs her player put together on shuffle always seemed to fit her mood, or offer insights into problems that were on her mind. She then let the wisdom of shuffle answer her advice column for her, which actually kind of worked. Anyone else have weird shuffle stories?

Also, happy 4th birthday to my blog...