August 25, 2007

I'm off!

In about 24 hours I should be on my way to, well, Kuala Lumpur first before changing planes and going to Melbourne. As mentioned, I don't plan to write anything here for awhile, so you can read about what I'm up to over on my travel blog.

August 20, 2007

One week!

In one week I'll not only have left for Australia, but I should have already landed in Melbourne. So hard for me to imagine right now, but I think this week will fly past fairly quickly and then I'll be on my way!

I'm not too stressed or even overly anxious right now, which is good. I have pretty much everything together, except for actually packing, which I plan to do in stages throughout the week. I'm done for now with booking things, which is good, it was stressing me out. I'll do more after I'm there. If I have some time this week I may look up a few things online, but it's not necessary.

I applied for my first jobs yesterday, three in total. It felt good to get some applications out there. Two of the jobs are at bakery kind of shops/cafes and the other is at a gelato shop, heh. I didn't have any rejection emails waiting for me today, so fingers crossed...

On Saturday I had a party to see as many friends as I could before I leave. I think it was a definite success, due in no small part to the Mexican food Erika and I made, and the margaritas her husband Karl mixed up. A huge thanks to both of them for all the help they provided before and during the party! And thanks to those who were able to make it, it was so good to see everyone, some of you who I haven't seen in awhile.

I probably won't really have anymore updates before I go, so the next news will likely be from Australia!

August 5, 2007

On my own

Last Saturday, almost an exact week before our 8th anniversary (which is today), O broke up with me. In the long week that has followed, we've managed to reach an ok place where we are living together as friends for the few weeks I have left until I leave for Australia. It's a bit weird sometimes, but it's overall ok. Unfortunately there is another girl involved, which makes it a bit more difficult, but he's not rushing off to be with her (yet). So, because of this, O won't be travelling with me in Australia and NZ anymore, something that really depressed me at first, but in the end we realized it wasn't a very good idea. So I'll be travelling alone, which sometimes scares and worries me, but mostly it has made me excited to go out there and be independent, plus I'll now be able to plan what I want to do and not have to consult with him.

There will be the real split waiting for when I get back, which will be even harder. But I try not to think about that now, I have too much trip planning to do. Three weeks from today! Not long at all...